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Swiss Dossier Part 2

At one time, Teuscher Champagne truffles were the best bite of chocolate available in these parts. Even though there's a lot more local competition from the Mast Brothers and progeny, the truffles, imported weekly from Zurich, still rock the house. Locations at Rock Center and 25 E. 61st [Mad/Park]

Among the major achievements in the cheese department, Appenzeller is sold alongside other Swiss beauties like Tête de Moine, Vacherin Fribourgeois, and Gruyère at Murray's. [Today's main image is from the Appenzeller website]

There's never a day that can't be improved by rösti. Learn how to make it via Swissmiss, aka Tina Roth Eisenberg, who posts on many Swiss creations, edible and otherwise.


Louis Chevrolet, born in Switzerland, moved to Brooklyn in 1900, founding the car company that bore his name in 1911.

Solar Impulse, a Swiss-designed airplane that recently completed travel from San Fran to NYC, is gearing up for the first, around-the-world journey of a solar plane able to fly during the day and at night.

Three-wheeled Rosie on the Jetsons didn't work exactly on the same principles as the single-sphere Ballbot Rezero, but the latter could allow for a real-world Rosie, able to zoom gracefully around the future with you. See the New York premiere of same at the Swiss National Day's demo on July 27, with the Swiss engineers who made it happen.


The essential Swiss Army Knife, in various configurations, is available at Victorinox, 99 Wooster [Prince/Spring] 212.431.4950, and so is the SwissTool Spirit, useful for fishing and much else.

The best Swiss watch? We're not going there. But we are drawn to Franck Muller ("master of complications") timepieces. Pictured here, the Aeternitas, billed as 'the most complicated wrist watch ever made in the world.'

On a much grimmer note, PBS is streaming (through July 31) Special Flight about Switzerland's inflexible immigration laws, the foreigners held at a Geneva detention center, and the dire consequences they face on returning to their native countries.

First formed in 1931, the Swiss Ski Club of New York has a chalet-style house in Waitsfield, Vermont with easy access to Sugarbush and Mad River Glen. There are also non-ski events year-round.

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