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Brett Leveridge, who used to write one of the earliest e-zines, the moth-balled BRETTnews, has a new venture called Cladrite.Their t-shirts feature vintage graphics, including NYC Where Smart People Meet and another called Parade O' Pants.

A production company by day based in the LES, p-13 also makes some great t-shirts, including the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and as well as the 'Dumpster Divers Union' emblem, our main image today.

Rich Watts and Louise Ma created The Shirt Project, placing major world news and issues on your chest, with the goal of encouraging curiosity in the viewer. That's a lot for the humble t-shirt, which is exactly the point.

Twelve Bar makes hipster clothes—jean, hoodies, caps—plus some appealing tees: Support Your Local Bodega is inevitably a MUG fave, but there's lots to choose from, including a number that are not safe for work.

Starving Artist, requiring "obsessive perfectionism combined with a desperate need for validation," was created by Modern Planet, Danielle McGurran's NYC company that makes tees with strong, often retro, graphics: an 8mm camera, headphones, and a reel-to-reel tape player.

Even we have days of Not Feeling Good About New York. It happens. It's normal. Sometimes the meter tips all the way to Bad. On the days it's stuck in the middle, the thing to wear is the I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York shirt by Big Stonehead.

To readers who have been getting two copies of MUG lately: we think we've solved the problem as of this mailing. If not, shoot us an email and we'll get it fixed—promise.

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