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Readers give their picks for some of the best tailors in the city.

Ludlow Express, 119 Ludlow [Rivington/Delancey] 212.677.1099
"I've been using them since the eighties and they are terrific and verrrrrry inexpensive."

New York Tailor Shop, 60 Kenmare [Mott/Mulberry] 212.343.8790
"A group of super-relaxed Cuban men toil to Buena Vista-esque tunes…These guys are brilliant with the needle and crazy cheap."

Campos & Campos, 237 W. 14th [7th] 212.989.7620
"I've always had great luck with them—not cheap, but expert work and friendly, reliable service, can be bracingly honest at times."

Hong Kong Tailor Jack, 136 Waverly Place [6th/Gay] 212.675.0818
"Good quality alterations and custom tailoring for men and women."

Wilfred Tailoring, 18 W. 23rd [5th/6th] 4th Floor, 212.242.3030
"I have used Wilfred for many years. He is incredible, from winterizing a spring coat to altering a gown."

Dynasty Tailor, 6 E. 38th [5th/Mad] 212.679.1075
"Joe at Dynasty Tailor is a gem. He's pricier than the rest but he's definitely worth it." "Excellent. I've had them re-line coats, take in pants, copy skirts, everything. I'd highly recommend them."

Flair Tailor, 21 W. 46th [5th/6th] 212.730.9145
"I've used them for many years (more than 20 years). Good tailoring, very Italian."

St. Laurie, 22 W. 32nd [5th/Bway] 212.643.1916
"They've been around forever and their workmanship is superb."

Mandana, 1175 Lex [81st] 212.861.2003
"They make and copy clothes and patterns and do excellent work, for men and women both, but this work is expensive. Ditto tailoring. Value received, however."

Peppino Tailors, 138 E. 61st [Lex] 212.832.3844
"Professional, cordial and quick, and the resulting alteration was perfect."

Silhouettes and Profiles, 160 W. 71st [Col/Bway] 212.877.3372
This is one of MUG's favorites: Brenda and Irene run what used to be known as Rosette Couturiere. They specialize in coming up with creative solutions to problems like lengthening sleeves, but also shorten, let out, take in, et al. These days, they're also working on restoration of vintage and antique clothing. S and P does mostly women's clothing but they'll hem men's pants and sleeves. Appointments are preferred during the week, drop-ins are okay on Saturdays.
For cleaning and alteration of ties (as well as scarves), the best place is Tiecrafters, 252 W. 29th [7th/8th] 212.629.5800.

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