leisure 03.7.08

Take 5

5 Elixirs
D.R. Harris Original Pick-Me-Up
Elixir Juice
Fever-Tree Tonic Water
2nd Ave. Deli Chicken Soup
TeaSpa Infusions

5 Scenes

"Laughing Man" by Dave Beckerman

"Kalustyan's" by NY Daily Photo

"glow" by digiart2001

"New York Times Square" by Candice Hoeflinger

"Cemetery Stairs" by Matthew Powell

5 Travel Websites

Travel in 10
Audiotours of hip restaurants, hotels, and destinations.
Booking flights, with price, speed, comfort, and ease tracked for you.
Cool Hunter
The coolest hotels and destinations.
Organize your trip.
Track your travels and share.

5 Dishes to Eat at
Grand Sichuan
Pea Shoots
Potatoes with Vinegar Sauce
Braised Pork and Chestnuts
Sauteed Shredded Pepper with Black Bean Sauce
Gui Zhou Spicy Chicken

5 Pastimes

NY Pipe Club
Tango Meetup
Major Stick-Ball League
The Stephen Sondheim Society
Psychic Explorers Club


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