intersection 10.10.08

Take 5

5 New NYC Books
Gastropolis: Food and New York City
All the Art That's Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn't): Inside The New York Times Op-Ed Page
One Fifth Avenue
The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs
Scorsese by Ebert

5 Images of NYC Kids

5 Food and Wine Classes
A Food Tour of Argentina, From North to South
Hands-On Pizza Workshop
Wine Tour of Spain
Cheese U Boot Camp
Healthy Holiday Meals

5 Fabric Stores
B & J Fabrics
Brooklyn General Store
Habu Textiles
Joe's Fabric Warehouse
Zarin Fabrics

5 New Landmarks

Betsy Head swimming pool

Tompkinsville Swimming Pool

Wheatsworth factory

Public National Bank

Fire Engine Company No. 53

The two swimming pools [PDF]
The two East Village buildings [PDF]
The firehouse [PDF]

Music can do a lot of things, but how often does it actually give you chills? Leah Siegel's lilting melodies and dark lyrics are partly to blame for the shivers; her voice—an urgent, haunting thing that we can't not compare to Jeff Buckley's—takes care of the rest. Siegel kicks off a much-anticipated October residency on Monday at Pete's Candy Store, where there's never a cover for live music. But she'll be selling copies of her gorgeous album Little Mule ($13). We dare you to leave the show without buying one. 10/13 at 10:30pm; 10/20 and 10/27 at 9:30pm. 709 Lorimer [Richardson/Frost] Bklyn 718.302.3770.

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