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Take 5
Plus: the skint

5 Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving
A Voce
Eleven Madison Park

5 Local Etsy Sellers

5 Candles We Like
Voluspa Genoa Lemon Basil
Seda Foret Royale
Diptyque Lilas
Votivo Cedar & Sage
House & Home Laundry Room Grass

5 Off Broadway Shows to See
The Last Cargo Cult
Let Me Down Easy
Love Child
My Wonderful Day
Our Town

5 Subway Stories
Checking in on the 7 line extension
Complaints of sexual abuse on subway worst in Manhattan
Countdown Clocks for 3 Bronx Subway Stations
New York Subways Vulnerable to Attack
Underground Psychology

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

busses take you throughout brooklyn to tour art galleries during the the smart brooklyn gallery hop, free [sat-sun 1-6pm]

stock up on your thanksgiving food supplies as the monthly new amsterdam market returns to south st [sun 11am-4pm]

the 1st annual brooklyn pie bake-off benefit includes free drinks, ice cream, and two pie slice tickets. mmm… pie. spacecraft, $10 [sun 1:30-4:30pm]

czechoslovak-american marionette theatre performs shakespeare's 'twelfth night' w. 3 puppeteers and 22 eight-inch actors. la mama, $18 [thru 11/29]

the new york botanical garden's conservatory is transformed into a landscape of model trains, trolleys, lights and replicas of nyc landmarks made entirely from plant parts at the holiday train show. $20 [thru 1/1/10]

Too Much Information, Perhaps
"I can't stand your need to win this popularity contest. Please do not send me any more emails in which you beg me to vote for you in this contest. If you can't differentiate, please unsubscribe me in full from your daily email."

That's an email we got yesterday from a reader, and while we could do without the attitude, it does suggest to us that this contest to win Best Local Blog may be genuinely irritating to at least some MUG readers.

We thought the best thing to do is simply be straightforward about why we'd like to win it since the contest is not the kind of thing we tend to do (or have ever done, actually). Then, let the chips fall.

It's not, in fact, a need to win a popularity contest. Like most everyone else, MUG has been affected by the recession. Our advertisers, which allow us to continue publishing, have had to make cutbacks, and getting new advertisers to give us a try is now a challenge. If we were to win the Best Local Blog award, we believe it would be helpful in making the case to advertisers that MUG is a good place to do business.

So that's the long and short of it. If you can vote for us in this contest, please do, as they say, early and often (daily voting is allowed). If it's aggravating, please note that the whole thing will end by the second week of December. Thanks for your understanding.


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