intersection 09.30.09

Take 5

5 Noteworthy Seats
At the chef's table in the newly-relocated, always-superb Oceana

Gondolier's Chair, sold this month at Christies

The Ladies' Pavilion in Central Park

Alligator Chair by Fernando and Humberto Campana at Moss

The bench under the cupola in Wave Hill's wild garden with its views to the Hudson

5 NYC Sports Moments

5 Useful NYC iPod Apps

5 Messenger Bags
Brooklyn Industries
Ernest Alexander
Manhattan Portage

Trattoria Cinque
A Tribeca restaurant after our own 5-loving heart… Trattoria Cinque, 363 Greenwich St. [Franklin/Harrison] 212.965.0555, offers a choice of five small plates, five large ones, and five pastas for dinner. They just started a weekend brunch – bonus points for offering 5 different Bloody Marys.


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