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Tech-Themed Gifts

Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear Headphones
Klipsch sound, 3-button remote and noise-canceling, flat cables.

Waterfield iPhone Wallet
Not for your back pocket. But: one less thing to carry. And you can use the iPhone without removing it from the wallet.
And Waterfield makes great stuff.

Lifelogging Camera
$249 pledge
This Kickstarter program is overpledged by a factor of nearly 10. The idea of a small, wearable camera that records everything you do and GPSes where you do it, is cool on some level. Sad and creepy on another. Your move. (Actually, your every move)

hi-Call Gloves
Talk to the hand. Via Bluetooth, you can look hatter-mad while you whisper sweet nothings to your glove. Any anyway, Maxwell Smart talked through his shoe. We want these.

Skyviewer Telescope Kit
DIY heavens-gazing.

Star Projector
The indoor version of the above.

Because no one should be without them.

Desktop Fireplace
Is high-kitsch oxymoronic? Probably. Is this invention strictly necessary? Probably not. Expected December 3.

Flat Flashlight
Fits easily in your pocket and we like its squooshed looks.

Talking Pac Man Keychain
Happify your key set.

Radio iPhone Case
Retro goodness.

Harmonica Flash Drive
Any particular point to this? Nah. Which is why we like it.

Bike Glow
Add safety and style.

WeMo Baby
Turns an iPhone or iPad into a baby monitor.

Plumen 001
Eco-friendly, design forward.

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