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Teddys - Part 1

When we first read that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to play Teddy Roosevelt, directed by Scorsese, it didn't seem plausible. But squint a little at the image of Roosevelt on this page and it's suddenly seems possible to superimpose DiCaprio on it (at least to us). So we'll see.

The real deal was born in NYC on October 27, 1858 at the site of 28 E. 20th [Bway/Park Ave. S.]. The National Park Service maintains the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace and it's well worth a visit.

The Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda and Memorial Hall at the Museum of Natural History honors Roosevelt's accomplishments, display mementos and photos, and honor his lifelong interest in conservation.

You can visit Roosevelt's home from 1885-1919, Sagamore Hill Wednesdays through Sundays. It's accessible by the LIRR and taxi, details here.

MUG loves idea of secret tunnels, and one may have connected the old Police HQ at 240 Centre Street and a tavern that is now O'Nieal's Grand Street. TR was said to have used it when he was Police Commissioner to slip out for a drink. There does seem to have been a tunnel connecting the two, judging by the arched passageway, now blocked off, a bit of which is visible at O'Nieal's. The only thing that doesn't add up in terms of Roosevelt's use of it is the numbers: the Police building was completed in 1909, and Roosevelt was commissioner from 1895-1897.

[Tomorrow, Part 2]
The Today Show's First Half-Hour
Whatever happened to the first half-hour of the Today show? What was once a reliable recap of genuine news throughout the world is now a victim of fluffcreep. This morning, spending only a few seconds on Pakistan, and without a word about Guatemala, the show took a hard-hitting look at the next actor to play James Bond.

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