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Thanks for Making
MUG Possible

Two years ago, we moved MUG from an ad-based site to one that is fully reader-supported. Since then, we've made periodic appeals to support MUG and many of you have responded generously.

We've considered various options to fund MUG, including a mix of advertising and contributions or charging a yearly fee for the newsletter. We still think the voluntary, pay-what-you-like model suits MUG's temperament best.

As I wrote in a letter like this one last year, it's important for us to be transparent about our fundraising. Our annual budget is $50,000 and to date, we've raised $19,140. We're still well behind where we were last year at this time, which was halfway to our goal.

MUG needs cold, hard cash to continue and a contribution of any size makes a big difference. We suggest an annual 'subscription' to MUG of $15. Whether you give more or less, we hope you will give something.

Thanks for making MUG possible.

Charlie Suisman

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