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The Alpha Workshops
Poll: Against American Interests?

The Alpha Workshops is one-of-a-kind. It's the only non-profit in the country that trains people with HIV/AIDS in the decorative arts. Since they started in 1995, Alpha Workshops has had a profound impact on the lives of individuals who train there.

Everything from decorative finishes, gilding, restoration, wallpaper, and lamps is part of their portfolio. Their list of clients now ranges from individuals to the corporate offices of Benjamin Moore, eBay, as well as Gracie Mansion.

Once students have completed their training (which they receive at no cost), they're placed with employers including paint contractors, design shops/showrooms, scenic design shops, furniture manufacturers, frame shops, hand-painted sign shops, auction houses, and hotels with in-house restoration staff. Employers receive a variety of financial incentives including 160 hours of salary reimbursements and annual tax credits.

The school can always use donations and volunteers. And maybe a space in your home or at work could use a makeover.


Do you believe President Trump has been "working on behalf of Russia against American interests"?






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