info 09.23.05

The Arc

What does the Israel-Palestine conflict have to do with Manhattan? Well, for one thing, just walk by the Jewish Community Center, 334 Amst [76th] 646.505.5708, and note the large cement barriers that surround the place.

And what does a talk being given at the JCC next Thursday, September 29th, 8pm, have to do with MUG? Full disclosure: the speaker is the brother of MUG's publisher.

We've known the guy a long time and he can talk a lot of trash. But, mirabile dictu, Doug Suisman, an architect and urban planner, has designed an infrastructure for the future Palestinian state (under the auspices of the Rand Corporation) that makes so much sense that the White House, the European Union, the World Bank, and top Israeli and Palestinian leaders are working toward its adoption and implementation.

You can read briefly about the plan here or download the full 103-page PDF here.

Tickets are $15, available here.
At Auto, 805 Wash [Horatio/Gansevoort] 212.229.2292, a 100% Egyptian cotton nightshirt (unisex) on sale. Was $130, now $75. Comes in choice of six colors.


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