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The Best of Hump Day

Disturbing Auctions
200 freeze-dried pork chops, a Dean Martin hand puppet, and a rhinestone clown brooch are some of the disturbingly genuine auctioned items saved for posterity here.

Jesus Sports Figures
Figurines of Jesus shooting hoops, on the soccer field, playing hockey, and skiing. Who knew He had such a passion for sports? Collect 'em all!

Sissy Fight
Shenoola scratched Mary Poppins is typical of the bad behavior on this site, "an intense war between a bunch of girls who are out to ruin each other's popularity…" Love it.

A legit website from Italian coffin makers that combines scantily clad models posing with the product. Their yearly calendar of coffin and cheesecake has all the refinement of an Italian TV variety show.

Museum of Food Anomalies
Grapes gone horribly wrong. Disturbing carrots. The Virgin Mary in a banana chip. An M & M tragedy. This online museum doesn't sugar-coat it: sometimes, bad things happen to good food.

Interchange Stations on the Tube Map
The dullest page on the web is also, paradoxically, a laugh riot.

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers
Even the url makes us laugh.

Cheese Racing
Only the Brits could have invented this: players toss a wrapped slice of cheese on a grill…and, well, hijinks ensue.

Extreme Ironing
We had a brief infatuation with cheese racing, but how you can beat extreme ironing — "the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt."

You have to have the sound on for this one. The more you listen, the more you realize the possibilities are endless at Zombo.com.

Patently Silly
Real patents, awarded for things like Roller Tool for Applying Sunscreen Lotion to One's Own Back, a Vending Machine for Kimchi, and a Foot-Tanning Device.

Bert Christensen's Weird, Strange & Just Plain Bad Art Collection
There are other bad art websites, but this one is unspeakably bad.

Weight Watcher Recipe Cards
A new entry, thanks to a reader who shares our love of this stuff. We don't miss many meals, but these pics could put us off our feed for days. In the end, then, you'd have to consider them a success.
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