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The Best of MUG

Some of the people, places, and things that brightened up 2004 for us, and we hope for you.

England's Propeller troupe alighted at BAM with the enchantingly slap-happy production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. March 17

Though he's semi-retired, Horace Weeks is still the hat master at Peter & Irving. A reminder that great craftsmanship still flourishes in the city. October 1

We saluted Madison Square Park restoration as one of the city's joyous successes. June 21

MUG's choice for greatest New Yorker of all time: Andrew Haswell Green. February 25

Two publishing rarities: books that were laugh-out-loud funny. One was the reissue of English as She is Spoke, the other was the guide book to the fictitious and utterly hapless country of Molvania. August 12 and November 15

Another book, Russell Shorto's The Island at the Center of the World, revealed how the Dutch worldview has resonated down the centuries on our island. September 14

On the 50th anniversary of the geodesic dome patent, we celebrated Bucky day. July 12

We were pleasantly surprised at the amount of activity locally in the world of poetry, including slams, readings, open mics, and parties. April 5

Dame Edna, gigastar to the megastars, returned to Broadway. November 8

We listened with enormous pleasure to the music from Adam Grabois' classical music label Reflex Editions. March 29

Pinball, thankfully, still hasn't tilted out of existence. January 14

Public sculpture seemed entirely fresh to us with Tom Otterness as our guide. October 21 and October 22

Finally, we asked our blogger pals to come up with 10 Great Things about New York and their choices made for excellent reading. March 3 and March 4
MUG is signing off for 2004 — we'll be back on January 3. Meantime, we wish you happy holidays and the best for the new year.

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