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Extreme NY
The Grossest Comment by a Local Gasbag, Oldest Living Thing in NY, Steepest Fall From Grace, Quirkiest Radio ID, and More…

Crimes of the Art
"I'm sorry someone punched you in the face; if it had been me, I would have taken a flat-nose shovel or crowbar to your head…so God bless America." More…

We're all for sensible preservation in New York, though of course what constitutes 'sensible' is the perennial rub. Nostalgia for a bygone New York, however, is anathema to this city's essential core — we are forever a work in progress. As the change is incremental — resident by resident, building by building, business by business — the view isn't usually altered all at once. At just this moment, though, it seems we've got an extra helping of change. More…

On Pins and Needles
A conversation about Wal-Mart with Eleanor Roosevelt at the entrance to Riverside Park. More…

Dispense as Written. Or Not.
Faith-based commerce rears its head in New York. The pharmacy chains, with one notable exception, comment. More…

The Sweetest Sounds
Some of you, the majority of you, perhaps, would cringe at the idea of musicals in heaven. You'd call it a contradiction in terms. If that's you, you're excused from class today. This is for those of you who, when the time comes, would jump any number of clouds to get to the Merman/Martin concert in the Elysian Fields. Or who'd want to track down Jerome Kern to see if he was ever able to top "All The Things You Are." Or to hear "Blow, Gabriel, Blow" played by, well, Gabriel. More…

This is a guess, but we think that if we asked you to name the kind of shoes Mario Batali wears, you could. We think you might be able to imitate the endearing way Eric Ripert says the word 'halibut.' (For the record, that would be clogs and 'alleybeut'). Other chefs may not be as readily identifiable, but their work speaks for itself. More…

Fearful Times
After we question the subway searches, a reader gives in to his fears by asking 'how we dare' do that. More…

First Responder Communications
On this crucial matter, the city gets a failing grade for making little progress since 9/11. We wondered, is there not anything that could be done, at least in the short term, to provide more effective communication among first responders? It turns out that there is. More…

At the Gates
Over two decades in the making, it is clear that "The Gates" was in no way conceived in response to September 11th. But it is possible to see both in the anodyne beauty of the work, and in its embrace, the joy New Yorkers took in the hoisting of thousands of flags — none of sovereign nations — each piece of Vinyl a semaphore of wonder, a bright bloom of hope. More…
Out With The Old, In With The New
That's it for us — we'll be back on January 2. Happy New Year!

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