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Here are some of the subjects of conversations we've had, overheard, or hallucinated in the past week.

Deborah Voigt
Fresh from her glowing reviews at the Met in Strauss' "Frau Ohne Schatten" (The Times described her voice as "radiant" and her performance a "milestone"), Ms. Voigt will be giving a holiday concert this Sunday, 3pm, at Avery Fisher Hall. Tickets are $33-$68.

Tim Russert
What happened to him last week? His bulldog act was suddenly all bichon. Mr. Russert opened "Meet the Press" with an uncharacteristically breathless interview with the Washington Post's Mike Allen about how Mr. Allen felt about going to Baghdad with President Bush on Thanksgiving. Get your game back, man.

Tony Kushner
On top of his game, Mr. Kushner reminds us with two works that he's one of our best playwrights: "Angels in America," directed by Mike Nichols, starts this Sunday night on HBO at 8pm. Part Two runs the following Sunday. And at the Public, Mr. Kushner has written the book and lyrics to "Caroline, or Change" with music by Jeanine Tesori.
[Angels in America] [Caroline, or Change]

Paris Hilton
There's no escaping her, is there? Turns out, though, her reality TV show (well, to the extent that anything associated with Paris Hilton can be said to involve reality) "The Simple Life" is a hoot. An updated "Green Acres", Ms. Hilton stars with Nicole Richie in a comedy about rich girls down on the farm. Do you remember how the cast of "Petticoat Junction" used to appear on "Green Acres"? We'd like to see Zoey, President Josiah Bartlet's missing daughter on "The West Wing" turn up as a new farmhand. Hijinx ensue.
[The Simple Life]

From Paris to Pompeii, the new historical thriller by Robert Harris, which follows an engineer as he tries to fix the aqueduct system in the days leading up to the Vesuvius eruption. It's a fun read, even though Mr. Harris isn't in top form and in spite of the fact that you know what's coming. (Random House, $24.95)

Choire Sicha
Hate him. No one should be this funny every day, several times a day. We thought the replacement for Elizabeth Spiers at Gawker sucked the first couple of weeks. Then he got great. Damn you, Choire Sicha! Some day, you're going to post and post and post and we're not going to laugh once. Then we'll really smile.

Lynne Meadow
It's been a troubled season on Broadway, but nowhere in the theatre does the trouble seem as acute as at the Manhattan Theatre Club, which seems to be having a nervous breakdown. Artistic Director Lynne Meadow has had one dire spectacle after another with "The Violet Hour," and now with Mary Tyler Moore quitting the Neil Simon play, which Ms. Meadow is directing. On top of that, we've heard about unhappiness and turnover in the MTC ranks. Time for a change at the top?
[No Moore Mary (Post)]

Thom Filicia
Carson Kressley got the lion's share of attention when "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" debuted, but we think Thom Filicia is the real star. Mr. Filicia is the one with the great eye, a designer we'd want to overhaul our digs. He's also foxy and funny as hell.

Live From Shiva's Dance Floor
Newsweek's Brian Braiker writes about a plan for the WTC site, imagined by Speed Levitch and captured on film by director Richard Linklater. As it involves buffalo, it is not likely to be realized, but Mr. Levitch, oddball character that he is, has some passionately held beliefs.
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