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Political Books
Hard for us to remember the last time a spate of political books dominated conversations and sales. Bob Woodward's book is #1 on Amazon, Richard Clarke's book is #2. MUG recommends another book on Iraq, told from quite a different perspective. Richard Engel, the NBC correspondent who began his Middle East odyssey in Cairo in 1996 and who has been reporting from Iraq for more than a year, has a new book called A Fist in the Hornet's Nest: On the Ground in Baghdad Before, During, and After the War (Hyperion, $22.95). The young, genuinely intrepid reporter offers a fascinating read, not least for his insights on how Iraqis view what has happened to their country.
[A Fist in the Hornet's Nest]

Brooklyn Museum
If you're going to check out the great work from Polshek at the Brooklyn Museum, you might want to swing over to the Brooklyn Botanic and take in the cherry blossoms.
[Polshek Partnership Architects] [Brooklyn Museum] [Cherry Watch]

The Concorde is dismantled but the Empire cruises on, at least on the high seas. You can have a look from various vantage points, tomorrow through Sunday.
[NYC & Co]

Blogger Event
For the blog-obsessed, catch the stars of the NY blogosphere in a panel discussion on May 3rd, 6-8, at the Apple Store, 103 Prince [Greene]. You couldn't cast it better: participants include dueling entrepreneurs (Nick Denton and Jason Calacanis), bon vivant Lockhart Steele, British brainiac Felix Salmon, the dynamic duo from Gothamist (Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin), and everyone's favorite crazy aunt in the attic, Choire Sicha.
[NY Bloggers]

Last year, people couldn't say the word 'embedded' enough times. Have you noticed that this year, 'feckless' seems to be a contender.

Tribeca Film Festival
You can watch many trailers of this year's movies to be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival (which runs from May 1-May 9). And if the TFF isn't your thing, MUG has compiled A Year of Film Festivals.
[Trailers] [Tribeca Film Festival] [A Year of Film Festivals]

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