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Former wunderfish Farmed Salmon was arrested last week after a report from the Environmental Working Group charged that the Omega 3 kings contain PCB levels 40 times that of other foods. What next, good old American beef? Oh, right. Well, at least we have a head of the EPA with a strong environmental record. Oh, wait, Governor Leavitt of Utah, right. Tofu, anyone?
[The Salmon Report] [Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition]

Elizabeth Spiers
Are you there Liz? It's me MUGaret. Ever since the Evil Ones disappeared you, we've missed our daily dose of Lizbet in the worst way. A post here, a bloglet there. Feh. We've had to conclude, sadly, that The Kicker just meant kicker upstairs. Don't get us wrong, we love us some Choire, but surely there is room in this world for two vinegary dyspeptics?
[The Kicker] [Gawker]

Jon Stewart on Low-Carb Diets
"…It's not just food being pitched as low-carb, it's beverages as well — specifically, of the alcoholic variety. Smirnoff, the world's top-selling vodka, is riding the Atkins craze with a new series of ads proudly proclaiming its product has zero carbs. Wow. That's great. Hey, you know what also has zero carbs? Heroin. Yeah, it has zero carbs. Unfortunately, it's very high in heroin. Bit of a mixed message dietarily speaking: no carbs, but…quite a bit of heroin."
[The Daily Show with Jon Stewart]

The Cold
For our money, the best parka possible is Patagonia's synthetic filled DAS Parka: incredibly lightweight and toasty, even on days like today. It's $259, stores are at 426 Col [80th/81st] 917.441.0011 and 101 Wooster [Prince/Spring] 212.343.1776.

Bill Bryson
It's rare that we'd even think of picking up a science book willingly but if they were all written like Bill Bryson's bestseller A Short History of Nearly Everything (Broadway Books, $27.50), we'd might read nothing but. Easy to throw around words like 'fascinating' but this highly readable (chatty, really) survey of how we got here (meaning from the beginning of time) and all the science topics that made you groan in school is amazingly entertaining. Some of the character studies and feuds are truly funnny.
[Bill Bryson]

Spalding Gray
The news of his disappearance is yet another reminder that depression is such an insidious, terrible affliction.
[Depression Resources for Women] [ Depression Resources for Men]
Winners of the 2004 Nightlife Awards

Outstanding Cabaret Female Vocalist in a Major Engagement:
Maureen McGovern
Outstanding Cabaret Male Vocalist in a Major Engagement:
Steve Ross
Outstanding Duo/Group Cabaret Performance in a Major Engagement:
The Pizzarelli Family
Outstanding Cabaret Female Vocalist:
Jeanne MacDonald
Outstanding Cabaret Male Vocalist:
Phillip Officer
Outstanding Cabaret Musical Comedy Performance:
Sharon McNight
Outstanding Cabaret Musical Revue/Group/Variety Performance:
KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler
Outstanding Cabaret Piano Bar Performer:
Jenifer Kruskamp
Unique Cabaret Performance:
Jim Caruso

Outstanding Female Standup Comedian:
Judy Gold
Outstanding Male Standup Comedian:
Greg Giraldo
Outstanding Group Comedy Performance: (3-way tie)
Dannah Feinglass and Paul Scheer (Automatic Vaudeville's Hilly and Gavin Army Souchet)
Eating It At Luna Lounge
Unique Comedy Performance:
Demetri Martin

Outstanding Jazz Soloist:
Ornette Coleman
Outstanding Jazz Combo Performance:
Ornette Coleman Quartet
Outstanding Female Jazz Vocalist: (tie)
Dianne Reeves
Paula West
Outstanding Male Jazz Vocalist:
Allan Harris
Unique Jazz Performance:
Gerald Wilson

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