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Puppets 1, Road Presenters 0
If you're a theatrical producer on the road (i.e. not NY), you feel you've been hornswoggled by the Avenue Q producers, who promised a road tour of same when they were simultaneously negotiating a long-term Las Vegas sit-down in a theatre to be built for the show, instead of a national tour. The presenters say that they may not have voted for Avenue Q if they'd known it wouldn't play their theatre.

If you're an Avenue Q producer, you've taken the best deal for your investors.

Who's right? The puppets, of course. Moral: if you can't cast an honest ballot for best musical, you shouldn't be voting at all. How do you like them eggrolls?
[Avenue Q]

Pure Food and Wine
We loved Matthew Kenney's cooking when the chef was in love with Morocco. We can still recall his lamb shank with Moroccan spices from his old place on Third Avenue. Since those days, Mr. Kenney has had a puzzling run as a restaurateur (Commune, Commissary), so perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that he's taken yet another twist. This time, at Pure Food and Wine, 54 Irving [17th/18th] 212.477.1010, (in the old Verbena space), it's raw vegan chow. Well, our very own Louella Parsnips reported in after a friends and family preview, praising the food, adding, "Looks like superstar Charlie Trotter isn't the only high-profile chef jumping on the raw-vegan band wagon: Patricia Yeo (formerly of AZ and Pazo) was sighted Tuesday night…"

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Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann designed some of the most exquisite furniture ever. Be sure to catch the exhibition of his Art Deco wonders at the Met, now through September 5.
[Genius of Art Deco]

Ciao Bella
The beloved Ciao Bella has announced their new ice creams and sorbets for the summer (with a return engagement from Rhubarb Crème Fraîche)
Ice Creams: · Sticky Bun, Fresh Mint, · Cherry Dark with Chocolate Chunk· Fresh Mint with Dark Chocolate Chunk· Cookie Doughlicious· Rhubarb Crème Fraîche

Sorbets: · Cherry Sake,· Mojito· Watermelon· Watermelon Fresh Mint· Coconut Caramel Swirl
[Ciao Bella locations]

You Remind Me of Me
Acclaimed short story writer Dan Chaon has written his first novel, You Remind Me of Me (Ballantine 24.95), which has garned some serious praise, including this from author Jennifer Egan: "Dan Chaon's beautiful, effortless prose commands the reader from sentence one, steering us from prickling unease to wrenching pathos, tunneling inside his characters' minds and worlds with such authority that everything else seems to disappear. It's almost frightening to be in the hands of so gifted a writer."

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