info 05.15.16

The Campaign is On!
(Not That One, This One)

We have a private email server. We have a lot of words, the best words, words we'd like to put to good use in the future. And today we'd like to address income inequality with you.

Specifically, MUG's income. It's pretty simple, really. We need money to keep the lights on at MUG. And with your help and our new Patreon campaign, we can do that.

Patreon is crowdsourcing, like Kickstarter, with one key difference: supporters pledge a small monthly amount (as little as $1) rather than one larger donation. That means we get reliable income and there's less passing the hat during the year. More stability for us, less irritation for you.

Please visit our Patreon page to find out more. Becoming a patron of MUG is quick and easy. And every supporter gets a big, nonpartisan, virtual MUG hug.

Charlie Suisman

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