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The Complaints Department
the skint

We get lots of nice emails from you, but our fair share of complaints, too. We read all of them and take them (well, some of them) seriously. Even when we don't agree, we love getting them: where would New York be without its two most fundamental rights—the right to complain and the right to jaywalk? Here's a sampling:

Excuse me—did not appreciate the April Fool "jokes" as I sent around the Mamma Leone "news" to lots of people. Oh well. Maybe I should have read closer if it was footnoted as a joke but I missed that if it was. I guess I can add you to Fox News as another "source" that can't be trusted.

I may just not be as hip as the rest of your readers, but I was a little disappointed with pole dancing. Not an old prude, just think it confuses people about many things, and they are already pretty confused.

Stay out of politics.

Could you please change the colors, especially "orange."

Your assessment of the New York Times is juvenile and should remain a private opinion. I am removing myself from the email list.

Why should I vote for you? All of the so-called "sales" you highlight come down to proffering a break for the rich, only. No average person could afford any of those sales you note on your site.

The music posted today looks OUTSTANDING, but (I think I mentioned this before) some of us are NOT fans of iTunes. Please post some of these fine sounds in a format that the rest of us can use.

I have enjoyed MUG for a long time and shared it with others but would not continue to do so if the name of Christ is again used in such an irreverent manner.

This newsletter used to have helpful information but it seems to have moved into a different more commercial realm.

Can't we get a bit larger typeface?

Sorry, but I just had to ask: was there any irony at all in a "cooking on a shoestring" class that costs $275 for four hours?

Food & Wine Festival is over, but their ads are still on the site.

I hate centered text.

I wonder why you've changed your design—or at least why you've changed it to the one you're using now. it's really unfriendly. it's not easy to read. everything's all loosey-goosey in white space, it looks empty and skimpy and you have to scroll too much. i actually find it irritating to read these emails i used to look forward to.

I hate to be picky…But shouldn't it say heads up… not head's up…?

Yeah. Olafur Eliasson really changed the landscape all right with his boring water spritzers. He killed off half the trees on the Brooklyn Waterfront. Thanks for nothing. Next time you decide to have some yuppie celebration of excess try to envision the environmental impact first.

Updating more often would be helpful.

Today on Wish You Were Here:
Casa do Brasão

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

last chance to see monet's water lilies at moma [ends 4/12, free admission fri 4-8pm, reg $20]

browse rare first editions from every genre under the sun at the park avenue armory's antiquarian book fair. adventures of huckleberry finn: $35k, einstein's theory of relativity: $16k, admission: $20 (at least it includes a program). [fri-sun]

japan society's all-day open house/food festival serves up tastings, screenings, workshops (language lessons, calligraphy, more), a talk from nathan's hot dog competitive eater takeru kobayashi, and an after party featuring asobi seksu [sat 1pm-1am, $5 suggested donation]

pipers and drummers from around the wold march up 6th ave to celebrate all things scottish at the 12th annual tartan day parade. 45th-58th streets [sat 2pm, free]

the ukrainian national home hosts the 'balkan shout out,' a night of balkan music and dancing benefitting the east european folklife center. featuring the bhangra brass funk music of red baraat, the zlatne uste balkan brass band, and vocal duo æ. [sat 8-12pm, $15-20 suggested donation]

lower east side

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