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The Creative Little Garden
Old New York

Opened in 1982 on the site of a demolished tenement building, the Creative Little Garden, 530 E. 6th [A/B] lives up to its name thanks to the late Françoise Cachelin, who worked with the city to turn the space into the refuge it remains today. Ms. Cachelin was a community and political activist in New York; in World War II, she was part of the French resistance. An extraordinary person who left this beautiful spot as part of her legacy.

It's restorative to visit any time of the year, though it has a special appeal to us in the fall. Bring a book, your laptop, your lunch, bring a friend. It will work its charms on you. On the birds, too: the garden is a National Wildlife Federation Habitat.

Maintained by volunteers from the community, the Creative Little Garden is everything an oasis should be.

5th Avenue and 42nd Street, around 1924

''Sheep Station'' Chelsea

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