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The Curiosity Guild

The underlying premise of MUG is curiosity. Side streets interest us more than avenues. Unmarked doors make us wonder. And while it's possible to find anything in New York, it's impossible always to know where to look. The city, though, invariably rewards the effort.

So it's not surprising that we'd be curious about something called The Curiosity Guild. The idea is simply "to bring together people who want to learn new and interesting things." It meets on the first Sunday of each month and you might take a Williamsburg gallery tour, or learn how to plant a windowbox herb garden, or how to play euchre. This coming Sunday, May 23rd, there's a walk all the way down Broadway from north to south, with commentary focusing on how Robert Moses shaped the city.

No disrespect meant to Tempe or Tulsa or Lansing, but, really, what other city piques your curiosity like this one?

More info at the website or by emailing here.
About our brief comment on Daily Candy yesterday, lots of mail:

"I think it is really tacky the way you always comment on what Daily Candy does. You are two very different things, no need to act like a brat about what they print."

"I get your daily emails and enjoy them immensely. I also get Daily Candy which I enjoy too for different reasons. I do however find your sniping at them a little petty and irritating."

"Oof, that IS unflattering — but since the kicky little illustration on the left-hand side depicts a woman wearing some sort of horrible Mom-like brown sandal-things, perhaps we're to conclude that Daily Candy is like one of those girlfriends who tells you that outfit looks great just so she won't have competition.

"Love love love MUG. You will be thrilled, I'm sure, to know that I finally cancelled my DC subscription in favor of the ever so much more substantial MUG. After months of hoping hoping hoping for the tiniest shred of substance, I've finally concluded that their LA expansion did them in; sent them into vapid-land. Too much plastic-fantastic and perhaps not a trifling amount of Daily Nose Candy…."

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