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We've been reeling along with everyone else at the cascading events caused by the coronavirus, compounded by an incompetent and pathetic federal response. We wrote on February 24th that it was time to prepare and since then, our mission of getting the most out of New York City has seemed increasingly irrelevant and finally irresponsible. Since we couldn't bring anything to the table, we thought it better to go dark.

As we come to terms with a prolonged siege, we realized there is one small thing MUG can do, so we'll give it a try. Each day, we'll offer a short suggestion in the way of books, music, movies, tv shows, online museums, and so on that offer something of pleasure or interest. That's the whole idea. Here's the first:

Detectorists is a three-season comedy written and directed by Mackenzie Crook, who also stars in this gentle, very funny, and utterly lovable show about two friends who spend their free time looking for buried treasure in the English countryside. Available on Amazon Prime.

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