intersection 03.19.18

The Dossier of Dossiers

By request, a dossier of our dossiers. The events contained therein will be long over, but many of the places, artists, books, movies, organizations, and food sources are worth a second look.

African Dossier

Antarctica Dossier

Argentinean Dossier

Asian Dossier

Australian Dossier

Belgian Dossier

Brazilian Dossier

British Dossier

Canadian Dossier

Chilean Dossier

Cuban Dossier

Danish Dossier

Dutch Dossier

Egyptian Dossier

French Dossier

German Dossier

Greek Dossier

Iceland Dossier

India Dossier

Italian Dossier

Korean Dossier

Mediterranean Dossier

Mexican Dossier

New Orleans Dossier

Pakistani Dossier

South African Dossier

Spanish Dossier

Swiss Dossier

Tibetan Dossier

Syrian Dossier

Cleveland Place

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