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The End of History
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The End of History, 548 Hudson St. [Perry/Charles] 212.647.7598, was opened in 1997 by Stephen Saunders, a former fashion stylist. Given his earlier calling, you can hardly blame him for arranging his trove of glass and ceramics by color. Should you be even remotely susceptible to this kind of sensory seduction, it is impossible to walk by the store (named for a Francis Fukuyama book) without being drawn in.

The hand-blown glass comes from around the world, but most represented are Sweden, Denmark, Italy, the U.S. and Germany. Minaret decanters, lidded jars, vases, figurines, Murano glass bookends, some carefully chosen furniture — you never know exactly what you'll find but the hunt is definitely part of the thrill.

Mr. Saunders, clever fellow that he is, doesn't rely solely on visual impact. Music also helps set the mood. You can hear some of what they play in the store on this playlist of tracks, dubbed History Repeating Itself, that Mr. Saunders has compiled.


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