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The Feast
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The Feast, an annual conference in the city since 2008, isn't about food. It's about food for thought.

From October 3-5, attendees will hear speakers including a VP from the Robin Hood Foundation. Arcade Fire. One of the founders of The Lowline. The Deputy Chief Technologist from NASA. The Creative Director of Cirque du Soleil.

Sure, it's a little bit Ted. But the event also emphasizes hands-on, practical approaches to identifying problems and creating solutions.

The $1500 price of admission means participation is limited. This year, though, they're trying to make the tent a little wider. The Feast is encouraging a Worldwide Dinner Party with the goal of creating a project to fix something, improve something, enlighten or brighten something.

You can pick one of their suggested challenges (related to poverty, health, design, or civic data) or create one of your own. Invite friends over for dinner on October 5, 7pm. "Dream big and execute small."

Let's face it, the world can use your help.

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