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The Fix is In

A follow-up to our previous The Fix is In piece from last summer: today, more craftsmen, artisans, and fixers.

Electric Razors
If you call Macys and ask for electric razor repair, they won't know what you're talking about, but up on the 9th floor, they do repairs on Norelcos, Brauns, and Remingtons. If you do call, ask instead for extension 2130.

Furniture Repair
Olek Lejbzon is a furniture repair firm that MUG has long recommended. They've moved recently from their 11th Ave. workshop to NJ, but if you have furniture that needs restoration, you can email pics or they'll come and do an in-apartment estimate.

Demetrios Leontaris' company is NYC iPod Doctor, which replaces screens, batteries, main boards, scroll wheels, and headphone jacks. In all cases you won't lose your music, unless the hard drive needs to be replaced, in which case, uh, do you have that backed up?

Healing begins for leather skirts and leather bags at Modern Leather Goods, 2 W. 32nd [5th/6th] 212.279.3263, up on the fourth floor, an old-timer that does wonders with broken straps, zippers, dirty fabric, and other city-living hazards.

Riding Boots
Since 1879, E. Vogel, 19 Howard [Laf/Bway] 212.925.2460, has been making custom boots and shoes to measure, and they're especially known for their riding boots. They accept boots not made by them, though there may be some limits to what they can do.

For rug and carpet cleaning, as well as repair, MUG likes Cleantex, 212.283.1200, which has been in business for more than 75 years. They also do upholstery and drapery cleaning. Renotex, 212.255.4600, has been in business since 1945. They had a hand in developing many of the cleaning techniques in use today.

Desco is family-run business that's been selling and repairing vacuums since 1952. This where we bought our beloved Sebo Felix. More info is at their website — somewhat confusingly called Vacuum Warehouse — but it's the same company.
The previous The Fix is In article is here.

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