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The Fix Is In

Appliance Parts
For your fridge, your oven, microwave, AC, and many other appliances, offers an amazing array of parts and accessories.

Audio Repair
"We have seen the future…and we can fix it" is the motto of Soundsmith, 914.739.2885, the single best place for audio repair we have found anywhere. That's why so many people send off their turntables, amps, speakers, receivers, DVD players, and VCRs to this Peekskill company – and have for over 30 years.

Furniture Repair
Joseph Biunno Ltd., 129 W. 29th [6th/7th] 212.629.5630, is a third-generation company with a staff of artisans for carving, cabinetmaking, turning, gilding, polishing, painting, metal work, and custom drapery hardware.

Glass Repair
Apprenticed in a glass factory at age 15 in Czechoslovakia, Augustine Jochec is considered one of the best glass restorers anywhere. His business, Glass Restorations, 1597 York [84th/85th] 212.517.3287, has been in NYC since 1970. You can have your repair done fast or done right – Mr. Jochec, artisan that he is, will choose the latter every time.

Jewelry Repair
At Rissin's Jewelry Clinic, 4 W. 47th [5th/6th] 212.575.1098, Joe Rissin repairs all kinds of jewelry, both fine and costume, as well as eyeglasses. He fabricates intricate clasps for better pieces. "A good clasp is one you can hear click from 10 feet away," he says.

Lamp Repair
For rewiring and to have parts replaced, try Restoration and Design Studio, 249 E. 77th [2nd/3rd] 212.517.9742 or Oriental Lamp, 223 W. 79th [Bway/Amst] 212.873.0812 and 816 Lex [63rd] 212.832.8190.

Porcelain Repair
With porcelain, there are two kinds of repair: "museum" and "commercial" – "museum" does the least amount of interfering with the piece, so you'll still see the cracks. When things break, wrap each piece separately so there is no grinding of the edges and take them to ARK Restoration, 252 W. 37th [7th/8th] 212.244.1028 or Hess Restorations, 200 Park Ave. South [17th] 212.260.2255.

You might not want to even touch a sweater this week. But if you're the plan-ahead type, you can have any holes, tears, or rips repaired to a sweater (or most any piece of clothing) by French-American Reweaving, 119 W. 57th [6th/7th] Room 1406, 212.765.4670 or Superior Weaving and Mending, 41 Union Sq W. [17th] Suite 423, 212.929.7208.

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