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The Future of MUG

The real deal:

In 2015, MUG didn't receive enough donations to cover the operating budget for the year. We weren't too far off the mark, so we let it go. There's always next year, we said. But we can't afford that again.

We've been running a gofundme campaign to raise $25,000 in the last quarter of this year, which would just get us into the black—and into our 25th year.

As of this this morning, we've raised $13,582 from 321 very generous people, over 50% on our way to our goal. If you've already donated this year, we invite you to sit this one out. If you haven't donated this year, we encourage you to make a contribution today, in any amount, to keep the lights on at MUG. There's no time like the present, right now, to support quality, handcrafted content that you won't find everywhere, or anywhere, else.

You can help us celebrate New York, and help us get ready for our 25th year. Please support MUG 25.

Charlie Suisman

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