arts 07.8.04

The Gates

Central Park this year has never looked better. Thanks to the Conservancy, relatively mild temperatures, and enough rain, the park is sporting a lush look and a shade of deep green we've never seen there.

We're in no rush for summer to be over, but, after a trip to the Met to see Christo and Jeanne-Claude's plans for the public art project called "The Gates" that will take place in February, we're eager to see this long-aborning plan carried out. It willl consist of 7,500 saffron-colored gates placed at 10- to 15-foot intervals throughout 23 miles of pedestrian walkways throughout Central Park.

You can see the exhibit at the Met through July 25, and read more about it on the Met site. To support the group Nurture New York's Nature, Christo and Jeanne-Claude have donated signed prints of their Gates project to support NNYN. You can purchase the prints here, for $300 each.

Here's a great lineup: Ben Folds, Guster, Rufus Wainwright will be performing in the Park as part of the SummerStage series next Tuesday and Wednesday (7/13 and 7/14) at 6pm both nights. Tickets are $45 here as well as at the Irving Plaza box office 17 Irving Place [15th].

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