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The Gift Guide:
21 Over $21

No, you can not use the iPhone (or iPod) i-Helicopter dongle for drone strikes. It's not a drone. But you can use it to delight your friends and annoy your frenemies. $69

The continents don't change; otherwise remake the world to your heart's content with the Chalkboard Globe. There's precedent for rest on Sunday. $112

MuNiMulA Wine Tray is a clever solution to an admittedly low-grade problem: getting your wine and glasses from here to there. $98

Don't serve this one to guests, save it for yourself and your significant other. Bordeaux prices have gone so high in the last couple of decades that, for most of us, it's very-special-occasions-only. For one of those, plump for the La Lagune 1983 from the Haut Medoc, which has just right the amount of age on it now. $89.99

The F-Bomb Paperweight speaks for itself, especially when you drop it. $45

Cool or annoying? We've gone back and forth on the Wood Tie
and decided we like it. Your call. $34

Coyuchi Organic Baby Blanket is soft cotton and comes in 10 colors. $45

True, giving a Diptyque candle isn't unheard of— but the Feu de Bois (wood fire) is one of our favorite scents of all time. $60

With the USPS close to receivership, go ahead and open your own branch with the World's Smallest Post Office kit. It won't be government sanctioned but has a lot more potential for pleasure—and reliable delivery. $22.95

The Crust Be Dreaming USB Hand Warmers may be NSFW (not smart for work) unless you're working in the privacy of your own home. Toasty warm hands are yours for the humiliation. $24.99

If your giftee likes to (wo)man the stoves, a shake from this Salt Starter Set will add an interesting finishing touch to just about any dish. $38

If your giftee leans more into the beverage part of food and beverage, give the PUG! Muddler, a strikingly designed tool to release flavors and oils
for cocktails. $85

Schnuckenacks Snap-together Figures Kit clever building blocks make it easier to create fun and funny tableaux than it is to say 'Schnuckenacks'. $66

In his new book Built to Last: 100+ Hotels in NY, Stanley Turkel looks at the city's Willard Scott-qualifying hotels—32 of them —and what is behind their longevity. $39.95

Shecky Sigurbjornsson should be the avatar of Icelandic humor, such as it is, but the actual brand, Vík Prjónsdóttir, hits a solid rim shot with their Beard Caps, available in short or long. $105

Images taken by Charles and Ray Eames adorn this bone china
Eames Mug Set. $95

As dragons go, this Ron the Dragon Bookend
is particularly endearing. $56

We're always on the hunt for the perfect adult lunchbox and if the Eva Solo Lunchbox hasn't ended our search, at least it's on the list. $75

Up their coffee game with fresh-ground beans from the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder. $81.45

From George Nelson's timeless Zoo Timer series, this one is Elihu the Elephant and she's a timeless charmer herself.

A Statue of Liberty Barbie? Really? Oh, well, it goes to a good cause (the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation). $39.99

The Gift Guide: 21 Under $21

Cultural and literary notes, plus self-guided walks, courtesy of Walking Off the Big Apple, a strolling guide to New York City.

So, You've Arrived by Bus: Short Walks to NYC Attractions from the Port Authority Bus Terminal

Due to its proximity to many of the city's well-known attractions and transit stations, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, located just a long block west of Times Square, is also one of the most convenient points of entry to the city. In addition to the Theater District, many popular destinations are within easy walking distance, including Bryant Park, Madison Square Garden, Herald Square, Rockefeller Center, and more. Even MoMA or the top of the High Line are only about a mile away, making for a pleasant walk on fair weather days. With 200,000 people making use of the facility every day, the equivalent of the population of a large city, the Port Authority Bus Terminal is not surprisingly the largest bus terminal in the world.

The Port Authority Bus Terminal opened December 15, 1950, amidst New York's postwar boom, largely to consolidate the chaos of multiple bus lines congesting the streets at various locations. Ralph Kramden, Jackie Gleason's character in The Honeymooners, drove a bus for the fictional Gotham Bus Company, a business operating out of 225 River Street. A weighty bronze statue of Kramden by artist Lawrence J Nowlan, Jr. and unveiled in 2000, a commission by Viacom's TV Land (part of a series that includes a Bewitched statue in Salem, Massachusetts), stands just outside one of the front doors of the Port Authority on 8th Avenue.


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