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The Gift Guide: 21 Over $21
NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays

A special edition of MUG today, part of a group effort among 14 websites to publish a cumulative guide today to the holidays.

A Child Grows
Where to See Santa in New York City and Brooklyn

Eater's Digest
10 "Warm-You-To-the Bone" Holiday Eats in NYC

Give and Get NYC
Give and Get for the Holidays

'the improvised life'
Design (or Hack) Your Own Holiday E-Cards

Markets of New York
Festive Food at New York's Holiday Markets

Mommy Poppins
11 Experience Gifts for NYC Kids

NY Barfly
Holiday Cocktails, And We Ain't Talkin' Egg Nog

The Anti-Holiday Travel Guide: 5 Quick Getaways from NYC

the skint
11 free and cheap non-holiday things to do this holiday season

This is FYF
A Drug-Friendly Guide to Your New York Holidays

Patell and Waterman's History of New York
Christmas with Andy Warhol

Walking Off the Big Apple
A Mortal's Guide to the Angels of New York City

We Heart Astoria
The Best Places To Shop Local - WHA Holiday Gift Guide

The Honey Bear Tray would look good
on a kitchen counter — or wall.

We big fans of Mr. Jones Watches — the quirky, London-based,
limited-edition timepieces by Crispin Jones.

Under Cover, by Jacque Lynn, is about a tiny boy who lives inside a book (a very charming book, as it happens) but would like to get out. (Slightly imperfect print run but don't let that stop you.)

The Cubix Lamp is as cozy as geometric shapes are likely to get.

From Oregon's first woolen mill, classic-looking — and warm — Pendleton Red Plaid Gloves.

Wallflowers won't want the Marimekko Arvo Tote Bag, though they're perhaps the ideal customer for this vibrant carryall.

For the lush who has everything, the Mojito Soap Set.

Sibis Max — now that is a set of wheels.

And speaking of wheels, the Cycloc Bicycle Storage makes hanging your bike look (almost) like sculpture.

In the hands of the right designer (in this case, Louise Campbell), simple, colorful rubber bands can make a big statement, as on these Porcelain Storage Containers.

We have a thing for Buffalo nickels, so we're totally into this American Buffalo Leather Wallet, with its gen-u-ine inlaid Buffalo nickel, minted between 1920 and 1938.

Pretty much everything from Fierce Hugs (which uses only organic cotton) has a high adorability factor and that certainly includes this Pirate snail cotton onesie.

The unmistakable look of Tord Boontje is evident in his silver-plated 
Charm Necklace.

NYC bathtubs can get a splash of South Beach thanks to the 
Bath Palette LED Color Light.

The Historical line of candles by Modern Alchemy definitely has an attitude: conjure up the witch burning of 'Salem', a 'Brothel', the 'Boston Tea Party', the 'Día de los Muertos', or a 'Secret Society'.

Oh, Percocet, you make wisdom tooth extraction such a pleasure. But we digress. And we'll let the Cast Of Vices' Ups and Downs: Rx Pin P5 speak for itself.

Ping Pong Paddle Set is a new, handle-less take on the
classic table tennis racquet.

OMG. Lorgnettes are back! Or a demi-version of them, anyway. And if you're Maison Martin Margiela, you're calling them
the MMM Magnifying Glass.

Even for Lady Head Vase collectors, who concentrate on the flip side, these Woman's Figure Vases should prove irresistible.

Friends with outdoor space will love the fiery atmospherics courtesy of the Lighthouse Oil Lamp, designed by Christian Bjørn.

The Alphabet City makes words and letters seem like
an essential part of any interior design.
$9.95 for small letters, $24.95 for large

Yesterday's Gift Guide, 21 Under $21 is here.

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