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The Gift Guide:
21 Under $21

Today, part one of our holiday gift guide: 21 Under $21. Tomorrow, we'll publish a special edition of MUG – part two of the gift guide (21 Over $21) – which will also be part of NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays, a one-day group effort among thirteen websites to publish a cumulative guide to enjoying the next month. Each site will feature its own article, plus links to all the sites participating. They are: Brooklyn Based, Give and Get NYC, the improvised life, Mommy Poppins, NY Barfly, NewYorkology, offManhattan, Patell & Waterman's History of New York, the skint, The Strong Buzz, WFMU's Beware of the Blog, and Walking Off the Big Apple.

One more thing: as we're coming into the final stretch on this Best Local Blog competition, we urge you to vote for MUG (you can do so as often as once a day, and voting is only through a Facebook or Twitter account). As far as we can tell, we're not in the lead, but we know we'll come on strong at the end – thanks to your support.

Among the many charmers from Tilly Bloom, this Eye Chart Brooch. $15

Think of the DIY Mechanical Music Box Set as a way to create a pre-ringtone musical sequence. $15

With a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate Packet, you can have 30 oz. of Serendipity's famous drink (adding milk and ice), for $5.50.

Travelers, a miniature, snowbound world imagined by artists Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz, with an original Jonathan Lethem short story bonus. $20

Greedy Hen Wallet, by Katherine Brickman and Kate Mitchell, is part of a distinctive line of artist-designed wallets. $20

Bag the Habit Totes are reusable shopping bags, available in a number of colors and designs. $12

Dog lovers know that even if your your pooch would rather have a Flossie, he or she will look smart in a Design your own Dog Collar from Elisalou. $20

Cat lovers need a sense of humor to appreciate their feline companions, so they should have fun with the Crazy Cat Lady Board Game. $19.95

Microwaveable and dishwasher safe, the Poachpods (one pale green, one dark) keep boiling water off of your eggtop – poached egg nirvana. $10

City Light Photographs are among the best bargains we've come across in a long time: lovely images for under $10. The one pictured is $5.

Floating Ducks, mama and duckling, nestle and rock together on dry land. $12

Two dozen Historic Maps & Views of NY from the 1600s to the present, bound so you can take them out and frame them. $19.95

NYC in a Bag, at least a few pieces of it. $15

Art lovers might want to plan a whole vacation around Artists in Residence, a guide to homes and studios of eight 19th-century artists, in and around Paris, that are open to the public. $15.96

Notebook Kit is two things: a cable organizer, plus feet you attach to your laptop to avoid thigh burn. $19.95

Salted Caramel Lollipops, a dozen for $18, from This Charming Candy.

From CB I Hate Perfume, Walking in the Air evokes the smell of snow. $12 for 2ml, a perfect travel size.

We love these Analog Postcards, though you may have to explain to young giftees what some of the contraptions are. Set of four, $12.

Baja Chili Toffee is perfect for those who like a little heat with their sweet. $5.95/3 oz.

Full Dark House is the first in a series of British murder mysteries by Christopher Fowler that only gets better as the series goes along. Besides 'impossible mysteries' unraveled, it features wonderful humor, thanks to a pair of mismatched detectives in the 'Peculiar Crimes Unit', well past retirement when we meet them. $9.36

Not sure exactly where you'd use this (maybe if you're an AIG secret Santa?), but the Everything is OK barricade tape seems quintessentially 2009 to us; we'll take a little reassurance for $12.


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