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The Gift Guide:
21 Under $21

Calico Jingle Kitten Bank: cuteness overload, no litter box. $17.50

Shaving cream? No points for originality. But, as names go, Billy Jealousy is a good one. And as shaving cream,
it's exceptionally good. $20

Jump start the fledgling artist in a young 'un (or yourself)
with the Just Art Set. $15

What's your dog dreaming about when (s)he whimpers and twitches? Dog Dreams makes a persuasive and charming case. $14.95

A photographic art project, travelogue, and Polaroid paean, Hunt Them Out: Passport to Trespass also makes a special stocking stuffer. $18

Honest Boy Pencil Sharpener is a Pinocchio-in-reverse
desk brightener. $12

The Irrbloss Large Bowl features sophisticated splashes of color, courtesy of Marimekko designer Astrid Sylwan. $19

Shampooers of a certain age will love this Country Herbal Shampoo, an homage (pretty close) to the much-loved fragrance
of the 1970's Herbal Essence. $14.95

Retro Canning Set has the gear needed to launch
your canning career. $11.95

This Turkish bath Hammam Striped Hand Towel seems right at home in an NYC bathroom. $10 (plus an additional $7 for monogram)

For your bird (or birder) pals who appreciate good design,
go for this Born in Sweden Bird Feeder. $19.95

Don't dreck the halls with some insane plugin air freshener. A few spritzes of the foresty scent of Cascade Glacier Room Spray
is a big improvement. $17

On the other hand, the Macaroni & Cheese Air Freshener is
all kinds of wrong but it made us laugh. $2

Tiny Nancy Drew's Guide to Life is a teeny-tiny primer with invaluable life lessons such as "gesticulate like crazy to stop an ornery ox." $5.95

This lovely Mini Creamer, in three interior color options, comes from Portland's Pigeon Toe Ceramics. $14

A Mini Emergency Kit for the distaff frequent flyer: clean nail polish, earring backs, emery board, and thirteen other items at the ready. $15

A maiden (fair, no doubt), a witch, a dragon, a fairy godmother, and a castle are some of the Shadow Puppets available
in this delightful collection. $17.95

The Garden Hangout Door Hook Set may be the cheeriest hooks ever. $17.99

From the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.,
16-ounces of the Speed of Light. Use sparingly.

The skeuomorphic design of the Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag, is more appealing than, say, iCal, and holds M&Ms or jellybeans better, too.

We like the High Line Train Whistle just 'cuz. $5

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Van Wyck Expressway (from 2009)

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