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The Gift Guide: 21 Under $21

Today, part one of our holiday gift guide: 21 Under $21. Tomorrow, we'll publish a special edition of MUG—part two of the gift guide (21 Over $21)—which will also be part of NYC Bloggers Do the Holidays, a one-day group effort among local websites to publish a cumulative guide to enjoying the next month. Each site will feature its own article, plus links to all the sites participating.

Self-explanatory Happy Socks make a meta stocking stuffer.

More happy talk: 'Pit Pit' plates would make ideal breakfast companions, though maybe not for mornings when you're hung over.

Designer Fiona Hewitt has created the Dumpling Dynasty Explorer Kit,
a charming spur to young imaginations.

The Cider Mill Puzzle, a New Yorker cover from 1941, is chopped into a thousand pieces, making it a bucolic scene guaranteed
to raise holiday frustration levels.

Channel your inner Gehry—or better yet, don't:
come up with some new architectural forms with Dwellings: Building with light, color and shadow.

Whether My Chemical Romance or Mahalia Jackson is the soundtrack for your holidays, get the music out of your earbuds and into the room with these Compact Speakers.

Allan Ishac and Cari Jackson's book The Guide to Odd New York: Unusual Places, Weird Attractions and the City's Most Curious Sights is a welcome reminder that there are still places in the five boroughs that haven't been gentrified, malled, or otherwise smoothed out.

This Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug is not, as they say on the website, intended for the politically humorless: adding a hot beverage to the mug causes the Bill of Rights to disappear.

Quiddler—fun word game.

Elephant with Calf would be a sweet addition to any kid's room.

The Amazing Magical Wonder Deck
will put some new tricks up your giftee's sleeve.

Someone you know rummaging endlessly in their bag to find their keys or other MIA items? Baglight to the rescue.

For the sushi fiend, a Sushi Slide Floati Pen.

Wiffle Ball—a bit of classic, plastic Americana.

True, giving garbage bags to someone may not strike the exact note you'd like, but even so, we love these Pet Goldfish Bin Bags, adding a bit of whimsy to the trash detail.

The site doesn't allow us to give you an exact url, so you need to click on 'living wares' to get to the Takoda Mugs, which come in Amy, GaGa, Michael, Snoop, Mao, and Spock.

These Eucalyptus Smelling Salts won't help if you faint,
though they may ease sinus congestion.

Turkish Taffy is something you haven't seen in at least 21 years, since it's been out of production all that time. But it's back. If you've never heard of it, ask someone a generation older than you what it is.

Japanese cast-iron Nambu Tekki Tool Bottle Openers
are functional and look great.

Longevity Design Ceramic Tea Canister is the perfect place
to store green tea or other goodies.

A decent Bordeaux at an unastronomical price has become a relative rarity. Here's one that will please the wine lover on your list without major sticker shock: Chateau de Bonhoste, 2007.

Flying Back to NYC (from 2008)

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