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The Great Outdoors

Mmkay, turn off Law and Order, put down the Ishiguro, and get out into the great outdoors. Thirteen breaths of fresh air…

1. Fly fishing
Cap'n McCarthy and his Urban Fly-Guides will take you out for four hours (including equipment and refreshments) for $350.

2. Brooklyn Promenade
Not exactly news, but never less than thrilling. To us, the Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground — these are the canyons we love.

3. The Adventure Society
Spelunking, whitewater rafting, hiking, sailing and all kinds of other trips, courtesy of The Adventure Society.

4. Sip frozen hot chocolate
Dylan's Candy Bar, 1011 3rd [60th] 646.735.0078, serving up dark chocolate frozen hot chocolate at their cafe on the 60th Street plaza — reopening shortly for the season.

5. Horseback riding
MUG's rundown of riding, racing, and shopping.

6. Paradou
The smell of lavender is missing, but otherwise the garden at Paradou represents its inspiration of Provence winningly. See our On the Radar section for related restaurant news.

7. City Island Nautical Museum
The City Island Nautical Museum (open Sunday afternoons) is one of the island's worthy attractions. Johnny's Reef may be the best known restaurant here, but MUG is not won over. Nearly everything is fried and if you sit outside, the circling gulls are both incontinent and relentless, if not actually vindictive.

8. Paintball
Cousins has four fields in the tri-state area.

9. Shipwreck Scuba Diving
The adventure that is New Jersey. Dives at NJ Scuba start up in early May.

10. The Little Red Lighthouse
In spite of being the subject of the beloved children's book, the Little Red Lighthouse was very nearly voted off the island in 1951. Wiser heads prevailed, and this landmark beneath the GWB can still be visited. Check with the Urban Park rangers for details, 212.304.2365.

11. Mt. Vernon Hotel
Some of you have to have a hearty dollop of city to go with your country; the garden at the Mt. Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden, 421 E. 61st [York/1st] 212.838.6878, obliges with soothing white noise from the 59th Street bridge.

12. Magnolias
Most of the seventeen varieties of magnolias at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden are in bloom.

13. Clinton Cove Park
The string of parks and reclaimed piers along the Hudson gets a new member of the family in the high 50's, due mid-May (the opening date isn't set yet). It's called Clinton Cove Park (pictured).
Opened Last Night
Paradou's offshoot, Partage, 92 7th Ave. S. [Grove/Bleecker] 212.242.2207, has a French farmhouse look and French country cooking.

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