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The Hot Dog Diet!

THE MORNING LINE The flabbergasting pickpocket entertainer Apollo Robbins is having his moment: a long profile last week in the New Yorker and an appearance this morning on the Today Show. Two videos to check out—one accompanying the New Yorker piece and another from Scientific American. Highly entertaining and fascinating in terms of how human attention gets directed.

Really? A diet based on hot dogs? Keep dreaming.

However: if you're in the new-year-is-here-time-to-cleanse-diet-eat-better-mode, there is some good news having to do with hotdogs.

That would be Brooklyn Hot Dog Company. Their dogs have no nitrates, preservatives, fillers, or artificial ingredients. The only ingredient they have that we could do without is corn syrup. But yo, it's a hot dog. For their classic beef dog, you'll rack up a modest 60 calories, 2 grams of fat.

The dogs come in five styles: classic beef, beef and pork, gyro, pepperoni, and Buffalo. And they're delicious. Really delicious.

Tony Fragogiannis and Billy Mulholland started the business last year and they're doing a good red-hot deed. The only thing we'd ask is—wider distribution. For now, they're here.

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