arts 07.14.14

The Impossible Project

The express train from 14th Street to Chambers takes less time than the elevator in the building for The Impossible Project, 425 Bway [Howard/Canal] 212.219.3254, needs to get you from street level to the fifth floor. It's the only elevator we've ever felt sorry for.

The slow ascent, however, might just get you to focus on the unlikely pleasure to be had from the Impossible Project. Founded in 2008 by Florian 'Doc' Kaps and André Bosman, the two bought the last factory on the planet making Polaroid instant film and then hired a group of former Polaroid employees to keep the beloved photography format alive.

In 2010, the New York store opened and the Impossible Project deftly disproves its name with a selection of cameras and film for sale, two walls that serve as a gallery, and avid fans who make this a cool club anyone can join.

For iPhone snappers, they've developed a free iOS app to convert digital images to instant photos, threatening to tear the space-time continuum once and for all.

One thing that's hard, though not impossible, to explain is the good vibe of the project, the place, and the people who share the sentiments of Paul Simon's plea to Mama about their Kodachromes.


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