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The Last Good Season

When we finished reading The Power Broker, we vowed we'd never read another word about that diabolical Robert Moses. We're glad, though, we made an exception for The Last Good Season: Brooklyn, the Dodgers and Their Final Pennant Race Together by Michael Shapiro (Doubleday, $24.95).

The Last Good Season is an inside baseball story of the city and how it lost the Dodgers. Walter O'Malley has always been considered the villain of the piece, but Mr. Shapiro reveals, in this absorbing and thoroughly researched account, that that confounded scoundrel Robert Moses also deserves our (further) contempt for the Dodgers' departure.

Along with cameos of Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese et al, Shapiro places the players on the field and behind the scenes in the context of New York City in the 1950s. It makes a fascinating tale and we read it in great gulps. But no more about Moses. This time we mean it.

Jazz fans are buzzing about the new release from The Bad Plus called "These Are The Vistas" and it's easy to hear why: startling syncopations and a pulsating vigor make the disc's 10 tunes practically levitate out of the speakers. Here are the group's upcoming NY performances:

April 14th at Makor, 35 W. 67th [CPW/Columbus] 212.601.1000
May 2nd at the Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard [Bway/Church] 212.219.3055

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