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50 Best Albums of the Year (Rolling Stone)

20 Worst Album Covers of 2008 (Pitchfork)

Top 10 Underreported News Stories (Time)

The 10 Worst Members of Congress 2008 (Esquire)

The 10 Best Books of 2008 (NY Times)

The 10 Best Cookbooks of 2008 (NPR)

The 10 Worst Predictions for 2008 (Foreign Policy)

Most Underhyped Apps of 2008 (Lifehacker)

The Year in Media Errors and Corrections (Regret the Error)

The Six Best Sports Insider Blogs (Fast Company)

Top Ten Photo Galleries (National Geographic)

Best Global Brands 2008 (Interbrand)

Most Notable Quotations 2008 (Yale Book of Quotations)

The 15 Dumbest Names for Web 2.0 Startups (The Next Web)

Best and Worst Stocks 2008 (MarketWatch)

The 10 Worst Political Ads (Politico)

Hottest Sports Cars of 2009 (Forbes Autos)

Best Places to Live (Money)

10 Worst Toys 2008 (W.A.T.C.H.)

The 100 Worst Movies of 2008 (London Times)

Top 10 Most Annoying Songs of 2008 (About)

Top 10 Searches for 2008 (Yahoo!)

Best Science Books of 2008 (Amazon)

2008's Wildest Hookups (Us)

Best of What's New (Popular Science)

India's Best Dressed List 2008 (Verve)

10 Worst Employees of 2008 (CareerBuilder)

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