leisure 12.4.09

the skint

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

3 craftastic holiday fairs to choose from this weekend:
etsy's holiday handmade cavalcade, 201 mulberry [sat 11am-8pm]

martha stewart living holiday craft sale, 601 w. 26th st [sat 12-6pm]

the bust holiday craftacular, metropolitan pavilion [sun 10-8pm]

the dumbo winter pop-up flea market opens for the season @ 81 front st [sat+sun 11am-6pm]

scandinavia house's annual 'family lucia' program celebrates saint lucia overcoming darkness, and the promise of returning sunlight [sat 1pm, $10]

80 musicians and 16 yoko impersonators play all 185 original beatles songs… on ukulele (!) at the 2nd annual beatles complete on ukulele festival. brooklyn bowl [sun 11am-midnight, $10]

[Credits: Houses All in a Row by Claudia Pearson
Rose Ponytail Holders - Orange, Yellow by CLineCreations
first print by Kate Durkin]

From Rob Tannenbaum, one of the Good for the Jews guys:

The most popular answer to "Who is the greatest living Jew?" was Mel Brooks, which seems inarguable. However, here are our winners:

"The answer is Jesus Christ. What other Jew ever orchestrated his own resurrection from the grave?"
– Ed Miller

"I am the greatest living Jew. What, you know someone greater?"
– Helen Feinstein

Ed and Helen will both have a pair of tickets waiting for them at the Highline Ballroom box office on Monday night. Showtime is 8pm.

[MUG says: the rest of you can buy your tickets here. It couldn't hurt.]

One more week to go.

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