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Unique NYC Halloween Events at Affordable Prices

This year's Halloween digs deeper into the holiday's history than simple "tricks" and "treats." The parties, events, movies and haunted houses popping up all over New York City celebrate Halloween's spooky culture, spanning across decades, with many coming in at low prices.

Start slowly by overloading every possible stimuli with Carrie: Blood, Fire + Ballet, a tribute to the 1976 film with an aerial cabaret accompanying-terror along the Z-axis. Continue the burlesque tradition by attending the Edward Gorey-Inspired Victorian Ball, where dancers join live jazz and immaculate costumes. Lush Halloween tributes continue at Anthology Film, where they're paying tribute to the golden age of Spanish horror cinema, and at Trinity Church where they'll be showing an All Hallow's Eve screening of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with live organ accompaniment. (Why watch a movie when you can watch a movie WHILE OTHER STUFF HAPPENS TOO?)

Of course, no vintage Halloween would be complete without vintage threads (especially so you can fit in when you travel back in time). The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show will spark your creativity without denting your budget too badly. Or, complete your look at Vintage Vogue + Vinyl, where you can get your nails and hair did, plus old records to get you in the mood for the Village Halloween Parade, back this year after last year's cancellation due to Hurricane Sandy.

There's so much more to do this Halloween than put out a candy dish and tell kids to "go nuts." See more in the skint's comprehensive guide of more than 50 exciting and dynamic Halloween events at affordable prices. Bring your friends… if you dare. (Queue the spooky sounds!)


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