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The Times Electronic Edition

The Times has had an electronic version for PCs for a while, but compatibility with Macs is new. The e-version is different from what you find at the Times website — it's essentially a PDF of the whole paper, exactly as you'd read it from the newsstand. Well, the paper is identical, but the experience is rather different. A brief list of pros and cons…

Cheaper: it's $9.95 per month (at least for now) for M-F papers. You pay $20 for the same at newsstands.

Good for the environment: no trees used.

Easy on the eyes: no reading glasses needed, since you zoom in to any article.

Search for a word: locates articles of interest by doing a keyword search.

Available anywhere: load it onto your laptop, or read the full paper anywhere in the world with internet access.

Changes the experience: the electronic version changes the experience in small ways: for example, there's no slapping the paper at an Op-Ed with which you disagree.

Limited search: while the search feature is useful, it would be a lot more helpful if it highlighted the search words on the page.

Navigation: the navigation bar is still fairly kludgy. It comes with page up, page down, show two pages, zoom in — all that stuff. But the zoom, for instance, only zooms in one level when you have two pages showing, and that's not enough.

The crossword puzzle: you can't work on the puzzle on screen, which means you have to print it out.

Printing: so far, the printing options are still pretty rudimentary.
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