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The Worst of MUG

Some of our least favorite companies, organizations, and services: the worst of MUG

Bally Total Fitness
When it comes to Bally Total Fitness, New Yorkers are feeling the burn, all right. This company has been drawing the ire of its members here and across the country for more than a decade…More.

The Riverview Hotel is the sorriest of the more than 250 hotels we have visited in New York. Guest room floors look like a prison. Rooms are small, barren, and awful. The bathrooms smell of urine and mildew. In one of them, a homeless person is cleaning himself up at the sink. He deserves better…More.

Port Authority
Eero Saarinen's TWA Terminal at JFK, that glorious, swooping, curvilinear icon, which proves that a building doesn't need great height in order to soar, is about to be destroyed by the Port Authority…More.

Vermin in Food Storage
Asia de Cuba, 237 Mad [37th/38th] 212.726.7755
Front of House: "Preen and be seen over beautiful food." (Zagat)
Back of House: "Hot food not held at or above 140∞F. Vermin or other live animal present in food storage, preparation or service area." (Health Dept.)…More.

Daily Candy
Times are tough. Look at all that mortifying cellulite. Relax. We're talking about our butts. Sigh. We're on a serious sugar high here. As if you didn't know…More.

Jimmy Breslin
Jimmy Breslin won the Pulitzer in 1986 for Distinguished Commentary. In a recent column written for Newsday entitled "City Should Exile Dogs", he wrote that dogs are "meaningless…useless…indescribably bothersome" and called dog owners "vile". This only goes to show that distinguished commentators can, in time, devolve into insufferable gasbags…More.

If Hooters can have an airline, so can Bobby Flay. More.

Whatsamatta U? U-Haul's customer service has for years been in serious need of a lube job. The company continues to anger New Yorkers by using the loosest possible interpretation of the word 'reservation'…More.
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