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These Just In

MUG thinks "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" has some of the best writing on television and nobody does political satire better.

So we're psyched to see "These Just In," four short films from five Emmy-winning writers of "The Daily Show." These are independently written and produced, but some of the show's cast and crew are involved. And even though the subject matter here isn't politics, it's still bound to be smart and funny.

"Catskills Chainsaw Redemption" by J.R. Havlan and Matt Unger tells the tale of a chainsaw-wielding maniac who embarks on an unexpected odyssey of self-discovery. The film asks: After a lifetime of cutting people open, can he finally learn what they're really like inside?

"Partners in Blues" by Scott Jacobson, directed by Dan Powell, stars Greg Hollimon (pictured), who played Principal Blackman in "Strangers With Candy." It's the story of a man and his guitar.

In "Pie Chi," two pastry chefs confront the way of the vegan. Written by Rob Kutner and directed by Chris Grant, the film's central thesis is that "butter is the devil's lubricant."

"Sanford Van Johnson: A Life Near the Theater" written by Chris Regan, directed by Eric Drysdale is the story of a man and the magic of theater.

Where: Ars Nova Theater, 511 W. 54th [10th/11th]
When: 2/26, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18 at 8pm
Tickets: At SmartTix or at 212.868.4444
Cost: $5
The Martha Graham Dance Company returns to City Center on April 14th. More info here.

A 12-hour John Waters Film Festival takes place on March 6th at the New Museum. $20 for the first film, $5 less for each subsequent film viewed. Viewers remaining for the entire evening pay nothing.

We've already written about our love for John Bucchino's music. He's got a new CD out called "John Bucchino on Richard Rodgers' Piano" on which Mr. Bucchino, at the late composer's own piano, proves his love for Rodgers' music with every note he plays.

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