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This is New York

This is New York, written and illustrated by M. Sasek in 1960, is our favorite illustrated book about New York. It's not only a classic for kids, it's a perfect souvenir to slip into your houseguest's luggage before they return home. Mr. Sasek created a whole series of such books, featuring great cities and places in the world. It was the owners of the late and lamented New York Bound bookshop who brought these gems to Rizzoli, who are reissuing them under their Universe imprint. We couldn't be more grateful.
Are they kidding over there at Daily Candy? Today's feature, a cashmere wrap by Sonya Madden, comes with a picture of one of the pieces. We're sure Ms. Madden is a talented designer, but that photo depicts one of the most unflattering messes we've seen in ages. If Courney Love on a bender were a piece of clothing…

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