info 04.20.16

Time Travel: 1992

Step into the
wayback time machine
and set it to 1992.

Hello '92!

Right Said Fred lays it down in the #1 single I'm Too Sexy

George H. W. Bush is in office. Yes, he got sick on Prime Minister Miyazawa of Japan at a state dinner back in January, but everyone's fine now…

Mayor David Dinkins and NYC are preparing for the Democratic National Convention in July…

This new movie, My Cousin Vinny, is hilarious…

And we don't go anywhere without our Filofaxas if!

If your time machine has this feature, look into the apartment on the UWS where, in this month of that year, we're busy stuffing oversized envelopes with the very first edition of MUG, in all its three-hole-punched,
newslettery glory.

Actually, it is a distinctly modest launch but MUG eventually hits its stride and runs until the year 2000… During that time, we write some NYC books (don't buy them now, they're too old!) and we have regular gigs with the NY Times' New York Today, AOL's Digital City, Citisearch, and Bravo's Trio. MUG returns online in 2002.

Back in 2016… The city has changed a lot in those 24 years and so has MUG… What hasn't changed is our commitment to useful, interesting, and fun content—handcrafted, not popularity- or click-tested—that we made in 1992.

Here's just a small sampling of that handcrafted content from the past few years: Mom-and-Pop Shops, The Only Sawmill in NYC, Book Land, Wretched Refuse: Recycling in NYC, to Shower Gear to TitanicaMovies, theater, art openings, good talks, new bands and cool design

Walk with us down Unbeaten Paths, hear the case for Civics, learn Why the Pulitzers Matter, let our Craft Classes up your DIY game, take a break for The Best Coffee in New York and Biggie's Crack Toffee

Check out the city's lesser-known points like Fillmore Place and Garden Place with us and even celebrate the unloved, like the Kosciuszko Bridge

We solve the problem of getting your sofa into your apartment… We look at New York by the numbers… We continue to champion Donors Choose

You'll find useful info on first responder communications, fracking, sample sales, cocktails, services, brain food, hot restaurants, cool design, our weekly arts roundup Up Next, Old New York, Etsy hunts, Hump Day odds and ends around the web…

Plus joe's new york, photographs by Joe Holmes… Shoestring NY from the skintJason Polan's Every Person in New York… and our talented flickr pool contributors…

Another thing that hasn't changed in the 24 years between then and now: good content takes time. And it takes money to support the experience, care and craft that goes into it.

If you haven't supported MUG this year, please take a moment to support us today.

Loyal Supporter: $15
Major Fan: $20
Groupie: $25
Bigwig: $50 or more

We welcome every contribution in any amount.

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