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The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is almost upon us — the ship was struck on the night of April 14, 1912 and sank a few hours later.

Titanic Memorials in NYC

The Greater Astoria Historical Society has an exhibit, RMS Titanic, opening on Monday with memorabilia from the Titanic House, Joe Colletti's former LIC tribute to the disaster. Gary Vollo of the Titanic Historical Society will give a lecture at the Astoria Historical on April 2, 7pm, and they're having a screening of A Night to Remember on April 7, 1pm.

Not to be outdone, the South Street Seaport Museum opens their Titanic show on April 10 with objects from the ship and from pop culture's commemoration of the tragedy.

Titanic, the 1997 Broadway musical, was, perhaps, destined for port on Joe Allen's wall. But the music by Maury Yeston is lovely, in particular the 12-minute opening sequence called The Launching.

Apparently there was a movie about the Titanic, too, in which Celine Dion's ululating added immeasurably to the tragedy. Experience it in 3D starting April 4.

A few of the new (or reissued) Titanic books:

Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage: The Titanic's First-Class Passengers and Their World

The Unsinkable Titanic

Titanic: Voices from the Disaster

Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived

Who Sank the Titanic?

Titanic Century: Media, Myth, and the Making of a Cultural Icon

So if you've wanted to experience the thrill of April 14, 1912 without the actual, you know, sinking, 41° North, 49° West (the coordinates of the last gasp) invites you to experience the Titanic's "first-class menu" on April 14, 2012. A few things to know about this, however. The menu has been "redesigned for a 21st century class of diner," which would seem to defeat the purpose. And the cost for the 7-course, inauthentic meal is $450 (the $300 spots have sold out).

Joe Svehlak leads a tour of Downtown at the Time of the Titanic on Sunday, April 15, 11am. Svehlak's immigrant family had crossed the Atlantic shortly before the Titanic sank and were setting up stakes on Washington Street. $20, RSVP.

ABC airs the four-part miniseries Titanic (from Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes) with three of the four episodes shown on April 14 and the surprising conclusion on April 15.

Gavin Bryar's 'ambient elegy' The Sinking of the Titanic is performed in the round, 6:30pm and 9:30pm on April 15 at Le Poisson Rouge. $30.

skint - adj. british slang (1930-35)
lacking funds, broke, bust, stone-broke, impecunious

Around town this weekend, courtesy of the skint: a daily listing of free and cheap things to buy, see, do and eat in New York.

fri 2pm: actors including alan rickman, fritz weaver, and frances sternhagen read from classic charles dickens works in celebration of the two-hundredth anniversary of his birth. presented by tipa (toward international peace through the arts). st. malachy's - the actor's chapel (239 w. 49th st.), free.

fri-sat 8pm: the burning bush vs. the second coming: the schlep sisters take on maddy mann and lexi miller for a passover vs. easter burlesque battle. bastard keith officiates. ars nova, $15 adv, $20 door. [Photo: Don Spiro]

fri-sun: 75 international photography art galleries feature museum-quality work from the 19th century through contemporary pieces at the aipad photography show. park avenue armory, $25.

sat 12-4pm: the prospect park carousel opens for the season. $2/ride, $9/five.

sun 12:30-4:30pm: a bevy of cookbook authors, bloggers, editors, and publishers host a brunch, sell + sign books, and search for the 'next hot trend' at the international association of culinary professionals' culinary expo, book + blog festival. $10-25.

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