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THE MORNING LINE The 121212 Concert for Sandy Relief to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund, takes place tonight, 7:30pm. Broadcast from MSG, you can watch in select movie theaters, on TV, or online. Performers include Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Alicia Keys. Too bad they couldn't get anybody.

Give Students Books They'll Love
"My students, middle school students growing up in the heart of New York City, are just arriving at the time in their lives when they will either become lifelong readers… or they won't. My students are passionate, driven, and wildly smart individuals, whose curiosity and intellect astonishes me every day. They attend a public middle school; my classroom library alone serves over 120 students every day. Nearly all of them have grown up in one of the lowest income communities in the United States, and many are the sons and daughters of immigrants. Despite odds stacked against them, they are all inquisitive, optimistic learners. With your funding, we can build a high-interest, updated classroom library that will encourage students to grow into avid and lifelong readers.
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One Crazy Summer! One Fantastic Book! One Class Must Have!
My students need really good books, in their laps, to push them forward as readers. They need literature that is thoughtful, powerful and characters that speak to them. My students are diverse learners in Brooklyn who love to read. They are always on the search for juicy novels that contain interesting characters. Most of my students are English Language Learners who are motivated to learn and improve. My students love visiting the library, getting new books and finding a new series to read through. 'One Crazy Summer' by Rita Williams-Garcia is a historical fiction novel that takes place in the 60's. This book is incredible! By reading this book aloud, my students will learn about this time period, historical fiction structure but most of all they will fall in love with this amazing story!
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Help Us Build a Library That Inspires and Educates
Help us! Our beloved school (and everything inside) has been semi-permanently declared condemned by the Department of Education! We had to emergency evacuate, leaving every single computer, backpack, etc. inside when the 100+ year old building started to collapse. We need replacements immediately. My students are 7th grade girls at a high-poverty, all girls middle school in the heart of the city. My girls are incredibly smart, talented, and hungry for knowledge. Almost all of our girls qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch. My students have been patiently awaiting the arrival of new books since our campus had to evacuate and close due to a structural emergency. Due to the circumstances surrounding our lack of basic supplies, I am on a desperate hunt to acquire as many books as possible for my diverse group of learners. Many of my students are below grade level and simply cannot afford to go even one day without a book to read.
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Feed My Bookworms!
Do you want to help to instill a lifelong love of reading and a passion for books in children? Well, it's one of the reasons that I went into teaching! And now nine years later, I am amazed at how excited my students are when we learn about new authors or when I have new books to add to our library. You could be a part of that excitement! With your generous donation, my students will enjoy leveled readers that not only will engage them but will also be at their appropriate reading level, which is crucial for reading success.
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